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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

New home.

Today I moved to my new home, a cottage on a farm about 9 km out of town. For several months now I've been looking for a place and at last I found it. It's quite a bit bigger than my previous place, the rent is a bit less but I guess  I'll be paying at bit more in fuel cost to get to work.

This is the view from the back, swimming pool just a few steps from the back door. There are four dwellings built around this central garden/lawn. Just behind me from where I took the photo is another cottage, the owners house can be seen just to the left of the cottage. Slightly to the left of the owners house is another small cottage, the owners son's house, (the original farm house) is just 20 meters off photo to the left. That huge black dog lying next to the pool belongs to the son. 

The family have been farming here since the 1850's.

I'll be posting more photos tomorrow.


Jo said...

Oh wow Phil. I didn't know you were moving. Which side of town are you now and who owns the farm? Do the dogs get on with your Cat and dogs? Are there dams to fish and places to walk? Looks so lovely and sunny there! Love Jo

Kay L. Davies said...

That looks like a nice house, Phillip. I thought you were happy with your little place, but with your family of pets growing, it won't hurt to have more room, and a swimming pool sounds like a wonderful idea.
Yes, the huge black dog is rather large. I hope your dogs don't find him intimidating.
And, to echo your sister, will you be able to fish nearby? I can't imagine you not fishing, but this looks like a nice area for photography.

Country Life said...

Congrats! Looks great and the swimming pool, love it

Joyful said...

Congratulations Phillip.I'm glad you have got yourself moved. Moving is never fun for me. I look forward to seeing your pics.

Rosemary Swinbourn said...

Congratulations on your new cottage Phil! And I can imagine how you'll enjoy the pool! love and hugs Rosemary xox

fishermanrichard. said...

Best wishes in your new home Buddy.