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Monday, 8 October 2012

Beach and ocean scenes.

The rocky shores of Port Edward, (a misnomer as there is no port) have the dubious honour of have the first recorded shipwreck of a cargo vessel on South African shores, since then there have been many hundreds or maybe thousands.

On the 8th of June 1552, the Soa Jao, a Portuguese trading vessel carrying 600 hundred passengers, a large cargo of pepper, Chinese porcelain, carnelian beads, and cowrie shells ran aground near the mouth of the Boboyi river. One hundred people perished while trying to get ashore. The rest started northwards to Mozambique and the Portuguese post there, several hundred kilometres away. Only six Portuguese and 17 slaves eventually made it, the rest all died in the attempt.

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Some sandstone formations, with the Indian ocean surf pounding the shore.

My friend Jane walking along the beach carrying her dog Paddy, (he has a much fancier Irish name but I call him Paddy). What better Irish name than that?

It was overcast but warm. 

In the middle distance you can see a small fresh water stream flowing into the sea.

In spite of it being peak holiday season we saw very few people on the beach. Miles and miles of beach all to ourselves, makes one feel like a billionaire with his own private beach. 

More unspoilt beach stretching south.


Joyful said...

Fabulous scenery and surf. I would love to be on that beach feeling the spray on my face. I also saw the house you are staying in. What a wonderful find to have such a great deal on the cottage.

Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

Great looking area and awesome cottage.


Kay L. Davies said...

What a gorgeous place, Phillip, but I can see why it didn't lend itself to becoming a port, but is instead famous for shipwrecks.

Jo said...

Ah Phil, it must be holiday time again. Somehow I've missed ages in between! Love the beach scenes and Jane's new dog (and its name!) Love and hugs Jo