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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

School Cat.

Last week a stray kitten was found wandering around the school, well this kitten has fallen with his bum in the butter. The two school secretaries have taken it under their wings and the kitten now lives in the lap of luxury.

Every afternoon it goes home with one of the secretaries and every morning it comes to school. 

Standing on the fax machine in the secretaries office, his favourite spot.

Welcoming visitors at the reception counter.

Only been here a few days and already he struts around as if he owns the place. He has just finished inspecting a consignment of work books received from the Education Department, and seems quite satisfied with them.


Kay L. Davies said...

How wonderful of the secretaries to adopt the kitten. It certainly seems to be a happy little cat now.
Meanwhile, I'm wondering how Jo's cats are after leaving Kenya and flying to an undisclosed destination. Most mysterious.

Shoreman said...

I'm sure the cat is being well taken care of, but it could use a little fattening up. From what you say, it'll probably be as spoiled as my three.