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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Cool flying.

Woke up at 5:30 last  Saturday morning to the sound of an aircraft roaring over the cottage. 

Stumbled outside to see this crop spraying plane flying overhead at treetop height. Dashed inside and grabbed the camera to take a few photos. Stood outside in my shorts, - my fine physique a definite distraction to any passing lady drivers ;¬) , - and clicked away.

On the western side of the N3 highway is a huge field of maize, irrigated by several centre pivot irrigation systems. Every year at this time the field gets sprayed by a crop spraying plane.

The field starts just metres past the highway so the plane comes in very low. Spraying is done very early before there is any wind, so as not to disperse the spray, and also for flying safety.

A series of photos showing the aircraft approaching the highway. Once over the highway the plane is literally skimming the tops of the maize. 

Almost there.

Just over the back of the truck.


Jo said...

Ha-ha. You are becoming a true photographer! Those cropspraying pilots have no nerves and are quite crazy! Did you use the Sport feature or Custom to get the movement so clear? PS You won't believe the word varification here below: "sonsopbo"!

Phillip said...

Hi Jo-Anne,

I used the sport setting.

Kay L. Davies said...

Great shots, Phillip. Sports setting is good for capturing moving objects.

Shoreman said...

We have a ranch on the highway where I drove to work way back when. In the mornings the crop dusters would be out skimming the corn just like this. What would get you, was when they flew over the highway. You wouldn't hear them until the were right on top of you. Damn near scare you off the road.