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Thursday, 16 February 2012

School Cat 2.

A report back on the progress of the school cat, who has been named Sharky. This is in honour of the KwaZuluNatal Provincial rugby team, the Sharks, whose colours are black and white. Most of the school staff are fanatical Shark supporters. 

Here Sharky is hard at work, keeping an eye on things from the in/out tray. My prediction is that Sharky will go far in his career, even making Principal cat one day, given his intelligence, drive and ambition.

He already knows that the most important place to be early in the morning, is the staff kitchen, where every one is getting an early morning caffeine fix. He has learnt that you have to start the day right, at the moment Sharky settles for a saucer of milk. I guess that only when the stress of the job starts getting to him will he learn the value of a strong cup of (cheap) coffee to kick-start the day.


Shoreman said...

Principal Sharky wold be find, as long as he doesn't become Librarian Sharky.


Kay L. Davies said...

Just wonderful, Phil. Progress reports on pets always appreciated. I never thought I'd ever meet so many cats who live in Africa.
Please don't let Sharky get started on coffee, it's very addictive.