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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Pied kingfisher

Yesterday afternoon, while walking towards the biggest dam on the farm, I spotted a kingfisher hovering over the water. I tried to photograph it hovering, but all I got are shots of wide expanses of blue skies.

Pied kingfisher, (Ceryle rudus). The bird in the photo is a female, males have a second collar.

These photos of the kingfisher were taken at a very long distance and I had to crop most of the original photo, thus the very grainy appearance when you enlarge them.

Pied kingfishers hunt for fish almost exclusively while hovering, unlike other kingfishers who hunt from a perch next to the water.

The day before yesterday I photographed this Steppe buzzard.

These White-faced ducks just seemed to be posing for me to photograph them. In the foreground are two Black-smith lapwings.


Shoreman said...

Seems like ducks are always willing to be photographed.


Gorges Smythe said...

The Steppe Buzzard looks like what I'd think of as a hawk. Does he kill his own food or just eat carrion?

Jo said...

Hi Phil, it took me three weeks plus of dedication and I eventually managed to get the Pied Kingfisher scooping a fish from the water. So keep going and soon you'll show us. I love the stance of those White-faced Duck. Love Jo