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Friday, 10 February 2012

Black Headed Herron

Took these photos of a Black Headed heron on Sunday afternoon late. I kept moving closer and closer to the bird, taking photos all the while.  

Click on photos to enlarge and see the detail.

Keeping an I on me, wondering how close I'll come.

Too close, and it flies off with a Blacksmith Lapwing closes behind and it's shadow racing along the dam wall.

The heron went and sat in this thorn tree close by and I continued advancing while taking photos.

Then it took off again to seek some real privacy.


Jo said...

Wow Phil, those are stunning action photos, I love the shadow and especially the last one. The one of the heron perched on top of the tree is beautiful too. Love and blessings Jo

John said...

Great pics Phillip. Their great blue cousins here are next to impossible to sneak up on so a decent shot requires stealth, a telephoto lens, and a great deal of luck!