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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Happiness is a book.

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this past week I had one of the two book fairs that I arrange every year. This book fair is open to other schools in the district and to the community at large in and around Estcourt. 

Happiness is a book, the grade 6 girl on the left was actually dancing a little jig when she saw a book she liked. You can see her hand reaching out to the smaller stack of books on the left. 

There were several rows of tables with books plus mobile bookshelves. Prices ranged from R10, a little more than $1US, to about R50, averaging R35.

The mobile bookshelves, wheel them in and fold them open and you have a book store.

Some boys trying to decide what to buy. 

Checking out the merchandise.

Standing in line to pay for the purchases, 10% of all purchases goes towards books for the school library, and this year the learners bought a lot of books. Serving the learners is Shaun, owner of Books 2 You.

Shaun make two trips overseas every year to buy new stock, one of the places he will be visiting this year in March is the Atlanta Book Fair in the US. One of my perks are that Shaun keeps an eye out for me for books on fly fishing, fly tying and rod building, and now books on digital photography.  


Gorges Smythe said...

It's very nice that you do this. God bless you!

Pumice said...

I find it encouraging to see children who are excited about the blessing of reading instead of looking for the book with the fewest words and the biggest pictures.


Grace and peace.