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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Shades of orange and red.

Some yellow to.

Click to enlarge.

Sunrise this morning on my way to work. In the sunrise photos I took last week the sun was coming up behind the flat topped acacia in the middle of the photo, as the winter progresses the sun will move further and further to the left of the photo, which is north.

These large poinsettia flowers grow just outside the school libraries door. The flower petals and the leaves are almost the same size. Two years ago (2010) we had a very harsh winter with black frost, I thought this plant would never recover, but it did.

This tree flowers virtually right through the year, but at the moment it is particularly lush and beautiful.



Shoreman said...

They seem to do the best in the cold. Here in the US, it's more of a Christmas flower.


Joyful said...

The sunset and poinsettia's are beautiful. We only get potted poinsettia's here at Christmas time.

Gorges Smythe said...

Lovely photos.

Jo said...

Hi Phil, the sun moving reminds me how little ours moves here in EA. This is because we're so close tot the Equator. The poinsettias are such old-fashioned flowers and remind me of Christmasses when we were kids... Have a lovely day. Blessings. Jo

Pumice said...

The reversal of seasons is always amazing. Here the greens are breaking out, there they are putting on the glories of brown. Good visuals.

Grace and peace.