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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Forty four years.

Bought a tripod for my camera today. One of the photographic websites I came across, said one should take lots of self portraits, gives you an opportunity to brush up on photo composition, exposure, etc. Well that's what I did using my new tripod and setting the timer to 10 seconds.

On my laptop I have a photo of myself, taken 44 years ago. It's a photo I took off a group photo taken in my army days. After our national service back then, we had to do one month service every year for another five years and were part of what was called the active reserve. (Back then military service was compulsory for all white males who turned 18, women and other race groups could volunteer if they wished). The photo below was taken in 1968 after one of these one month training sessions, B company, Northern Natal Regiment. The Spring buck head badge on the cap and lapels is the badge for all South African Infantry Regiments.

Rifleman P H Marais, army no 64228414, after all these years I still remember that no. 

Looking at the photo above I see a young man, 20 years old, who thought he was going to show life a thing or two. Fit, strong, confident and a bit full of himself.(Cocky would be an apt description). Well did life ever have a few surprises in store for him, and every year shows in the photo below.

Self portrait taken this afternoon.

Different cap, much less hair and the cockiness gone. Do I want to be 20 again? No, I like where I am in my life now. 


Shoreman said...

Don't we all wish we were 20 again.


Gorges Smythe said...

When I'm asked if I'd like to be 20 again, my answer is always, "Not if I'd have to be that stupid again!" Incidentally, the cockiness has been replaced with wisdom, and that's always a good thing.

OneStonedCrow said...

Well, sometimes I wish I had a 20 year old body again but definitely not the mind ...

Phillip said...

There's the rub Gorges, has the cockiness been replaced by wisdom?

Pumice said...

Phillip, To ask the question is at least the first step toward wisdom.

Grace and peace.