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Monday, 28 May 2012

Cape glossy starling.

Nothing attracts birds to a garden like the availability of water. This sandstone water bowl, actually my dogs water bowl, always has feathered visitors. Apart from drinking here they love to bathe in it, the dogs don't seem to mind.

Click to enlarge.

Cape glossy starling.

The birds coluoring is the most beautiful irridescent blue you can imagine.


Kay L. Davies said...

With this incredible colouring, you'd hardly imagine it is a starling until you take a close look at its shape. What lovely photos, Phillip!

Jo said...

Hi Phil, this comment might appear twice, sorry! That Cape Glossing starling looks a lot like the Greater Blue Eared Starling of East Africa. Water certainly attracts birds. I have dozens drinking and bathing in two small ponds at my front door. The birds' antics keep my cats mesmerized for hours on end! Love and blessings. Jo