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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Blogger problems.

Help! As of yesterday I can't get into my blog dashboard, can't see who's posted what, etc. Every time I sign in I get a blank page. Any one out there with any ideas?

In the meantime here's a photo of this mornings sunrise at 6:40.

Click on photo.

In the photo above the sun was just peeping over the horizon.

Took the one below yesterday, about 5 minutes later at 6:45am.

Here I zoomed in a bit and there is some flare on the lens, not a good thing though it looks quite dramatic.


Joel said...

I am having issues too, not being ablew to see my reading list for example, or getting completely blank pages... I have tried to give the "new" blogger a chance to show it's better than the old, but I failed! I tried to go back to the "old and familiar" blooger only to find that this will be deleted anyway. So, stuck with it we are, I am afraid.

Very nice photos by the way! I don't always comment, but I do look and enjoy!

Jo said...

Hi Phil, at the top left of your screen you should see a strangely shaped white "e" in a red square. (I think it's an e! If you do, click on that and your dashboard should come up. This new version played up with me this morning, I could not upload photos. Tonight I'm able to do this again. I love the wintery sunrise scene. Check out my post tomorrow for an East African sunrise! Love and blessings. Jo