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Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Took these photos late Sunday evening, the sun had already set and my dogs and I were roaming in the gloaming.

Click to enlarge.

Black-headed heron landing. The farmer was busy cutting hay and the herons were taking advantage of any insects or small animals displaced by the cutting. These birds are actually more of a grey colour but in the late evening light they looked blue.

This one is keeping a beady eye on me even though I was more than a hundred metres 

Willow tree reflection.


kare said...

Gloaming..i'd forgotten that word.
Lovely "in flight" catch there!

We have Egrets here on the Colorado river..we love seeing them fly just above the water in the 'Gloaming'... sometimes they reflect the pink of the sunset & look like flamingos.
It's then i groan for a real camera;)


Shoreman said...

Never heard that word before. Went out to Merriam Webster and looked it up. I learned something new today. Thanks.