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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Scenes from my school 2

Grade five's browsing in the non-fiction section. Non of the learners in these pictures knew that I was taken their photograph.

Grade five's learning about indexes in non-fiction books. One boy has found a different use for a non-fiction book. He didn't put his threat into action and earned a scolding from me.

More grade fives at work

Grade one's at story-time, enthralled by "George the smartest giant in town." Took these photos with my cell phone while holding the book up for them to look at the pictures, thus the poor quality. Was trying to take the photos without them noticing.

They just love story-time.
Scenes from my work day.


Gaelyn said...

A lot of eager faces.

Shoreman said...

I second Gaelyn's comment.


Joyful said...

Like children everywhere, they love to have a story told to them :-)