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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Fish and fishing

This blog was supposed to about fish and fishing, but I've got one of those wandering minds, all sorts of things interest me and catch my attention, but here are some pictures of fish I've caught and waters I fish in.

Click on photos to enlarge.
A small bass, 1 to 1 1/2 pound, I caught last year, in the larger of the two dams on the farm where I live. This was taken before the summer rains, if you click on the picture to enlarge, you will see a wide muddy space then short grass, this is all under water now. Even at this low water the dam is 100 meters + wide at this point.

This is the opposite side of the dam from where the previous photo was taken. The grass where I'm standing and in the foreground all along the edge is growing in +- half a meter of water. The drop off on the right is one and a half meters about four feet+. Perfect bass water, lots of structure.

My six weight bass fly rod, cheap but effective. A fast action rod with lots of backbone to wrestle bass out of the weeds.

 Small bass caught on a blue foam popper.

This one caught on a yellow DDD, a South Africa deer hair pattern. Except for two bass, and I took no Photos, which were in the one and a half kilogram range, this has been my average size for the summer. Most evenings I catch nothing, but I do get lots of casting practice. This seems to have been the story everywhere, the Wagen Drift dam, about 4 km from where I live, usually delivers several impressive bass every summer. This year the fishing there has been dismal.

Previous summers the fishing has been fast and hectic and I usually lost count of the number of fish I caught and released.

Storm clouds reflected in the water 21st March.

My three fishing buddies, Sissie on the left, Lady in the middle giving herself a good shake after a swim, and Thombi far right.

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