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Saturday, 2 April 2011

The Gramophone.

How many of us even remember a gramophone? Especially the old wind-up kind with the big trumpet where the sound came out. My father used to tell us of the great excitement in the district he grew up in when one of the neighbours bought a gramophone. We take a lot of things for granted today.

An extract from Bosman's "The Gramophone"; "The people who came to hear the gramophone said that it was wonderful what things a man would think of making when once the devil had taken hold of him properly. They said that, if nothing else, the devil has got good brains. I also thought that it was wonderful, not that the gramophone could talk, but that people wanted to listen to it doing something that a child of seven could do well". From, "Mafeking Road", by Herman Charles Bosman.

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Gaelyn said...

LOL! Great quote. Have only seen them in antique stores.

Desiree said...

I love HC Bosman! I had to read a couple of his stories to my classes, years ago, when I was still a teacher and I could barely get the words out sometimes. I would laugh so much that tears would run down my face. The pupils thought I'd gone totally mad!

Yes, the technology of the gramophone certainly was an accomplishment for its time, yet here we are, not much further down the road and look at all the marvellous music & recording devices we have now! It boggles the mind! The devil sure has been busy!

Gorges Smythe said...

The Amish are at least partly correct in their belief that it is not that modern things are sinful in themselves, but that they encourage a lifestyle that is sinful.

Phillip said...

Gorges I think I could easily live a Amish lifestyle.