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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Scenes from my area

This is the Wagendrift dam on the Bushmans river just outside Estcourt and about 4km from where I live. The lake behind the dam is a favourite water-sport and fishing area. Fish in the dam include, largemouth black bass, carp, Natal yellowfish, sharptooth catfish, (barbel), tilapia, and I think bluegill.

The curve of the dam wall is so pronounced that you can stand behind the curtain of water as the dam overflows. There is a special walkway to walk on.

A stretch of the eLotheni river in the Lotheni nature reserve. This is a brown trout stream and is about 90km, on mostly good roads, from my home.

Upper reaches of the Tugela river with the Amphitheatre area of the Drakensberg in the background.

Injasuthi valley with the Injasuthi river flowing through it, home to rainbow trout.

Just be glad you don't have to travel this road below to work everyday. Not much traffic but you need nerves of steel.

This is the Sani pass between KZN and Lesotho. This pass climbs 1330 metres,more than 4000 feet, in 6.5km, about 4 miles. Only 4x4 vehicles allowed on this road. In winter it is often closed due to ice and snow. The highest hotel in Africa is at the top of the pass, Sani Tops Hotel.

The Drakensberg in the Sani Pass area.

Another view of the pass, note the hairpin beds.



John said...

I knew it would be worth the wait for some pics. Thanks for sharing Phillip

Gorges Smythe said...

Rugged-looking country, but beautiful in its ruggedness!

Gaelyn said...

The Sani Pass Road looks more like a trail.

I camped along Wagendrift Lake on the way to the beautiful bergs. Too bad didn't check out the dam.

So glad your cable came. Awesome images!

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures, Phillip. Helps us all get a perspective of how beautiful the area is and what fishing water looks like.

Jo said...

Hi Phillip, I never knew the dam was so curved. I wonder if I can get Grant to stop next time we're there and take a walk behind the water. That Sani Pass is unreal. Grant and John have done it on the motorbike, in rainy weather. Well, John had to take it down, Grant caught a lift in a 4x4 vehicle! Is it still untarred? If so, I'm glad...

Desiree said...

You live in God's Paradise, for sure! I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog, Phillip. You are a hive of information.