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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Report back on last Thursday.

Here I am back at home after a four day stay in the Howick private hospital. After my GP's call on Thursday morning I went to see him at his surgery where he went through the results of the blood tests with me. He then phoned a specialist physician in Howick, a small town about 40 minutes drive east of us, and his receptionist said if I'm there before 2pm  he could see me. By this time I was starting to feel very bad, heartbeat, 120+ and very irregular, blood pressure 160/110 and temperature also very high.

I phoned the Italian leprechaun and asked if he could drive me to the specialist, which he promptly agreed to do. Went home packed some things in a bag, (just in case). We got to the specialist rooms at five minutes to two, the specialist saw me immediately. I handed him a letter from my GP and all the blood test results. He wasn't a stranger to me as I had seen him several times before for check ups and other health issues. By now my face was glowing bright red and I looked like a stop light at a road intersection. He asked me a whole lot of question, check my temperature, blood pressure and pulse. He looked at me and said, "straight to hospital right now, you are a very sick man", picked up the phone and booked me a bed. Half an hour later I was in that bed with an anti biotic drip doing it's work.

Only yesterday I heard that I was almost short listed as a candidate on the Heavenly music team. My personal opinion as why I didn't make it was because my primary school piano teacher was on that selection committee, she was always biased about me, claimed I had no music ability, I can still hear her, "silly boy, don't you have ears, I said middle C, I repeat middle C!"  

To day I really feel better than I have in many months, thank you to every one out there who prayed for me and thought about at this time.


Pumice said...


Grace and peace.

Gorges Smythe said...

I'm glad to hear that you're better and at home.

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, Phillip, I didn't know you were sick, and now you're getting better. I'm so glad your leprechaun friend was available to get you to the right doctor immediately, and the doctor was smart enough to get you into a hospital right away.
You and I will just have to learn to keep healthy because I can't carry a tune, either. I couldn't even learn to read music, and I was a failure at tapping a stick on a block of wood to accompany the church choir a few years ago. I love music, but I can't make it myself. I won't even bother to tell you how badly I failed bagpipe lessons.

Joyful said...

Philip, I'm very happy that you got to the hospital in time and that your friend was able to drive you. When you get this condition, you can indeed die to easily. That is why I have to keep a constant vigil on my mother. It should be the caregivers where she lives who know that she is getting an infection. Yet when she tells them they don't listen to her. This isn't about my mom but just want you to know I understand how dangerous your situation was and I'm glad you got help in time. Good to see you had a sense of humour about it too ;-)

OneStonedCrow said...

Wow Philip, looks like you had a close shave there - I'm sure your sense of humour had a lot to do with your recovery, even if you can't find that middle C ... :)

... take care of yourself, it's comforting too to have a buddy who'll help out at the drop of a hat ...

Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

I know, It's all my fault because I've not been sending you any jokes lately, but I have an excuse. Our Internet provider is to blame. For some reason every time I send one, it gets returned. Their fault. Anyway, glad you're getting better.