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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Crowned cranes, and a list of my woes.

Here in Natal we are coming to the end of our three week winter holiday. On Friday the 21st of June our schools closed and the will be opening on Monday 15th of July. A nice little break in the middle of the year. For me it was not much of a holiday as I have been unwell since before the holiday started. What's wrong? I wish I knew! Nothing I can put my finger on, even the doctor can't say. 

A general feeling of weakness and lack of energy, and my body telling me I'm unwell. At the moment I have a bit of a fever, it most likely wont even show up on the thermometer, yet when I go to bed even just a sheet  is too hot, never mind a blanket or a duvet. It's winter here and the nights get pretty chilly, every one else is talking about electric blankets and hot water bottles, I say I get too hot a night, they all looks at as if I'm mad. My dogs have can back to their baskets, my bed is too cold for them.

Went to my GP this morning, he did all the usual, BP, pulse, temperature, etc, BP high, pulse fast and irregular, temperature normal. The next step urine sample, then draw blood for testing, PSA (prostrate), cholesterol, thyroid function, liver function, full blood count, and I can't remember the rest, looked like at least half a pint if not more to me, all in separate phials. One thing about this doctor, his an artist with a needle, you don't feel it going in and you don't feel it coming out. (Dracula should take lessons from this man and become a real expert). Results should be in by Friday.

Then he tested the urine sample, the test covered 10 different possibilities, eg, acidity, bacteria, sugar, etc. According to my urine sample I'm 100% healthy! So as they say in the classics, "go figure".  Next a concentrated multivitamin injection, (again the needle artistry on his part) just to give my body a bit of a boost. If colour is any indication of effectiveness, this one had what it takes, a nice bright red.

Then I told him that I'm having problems with moving my right arm at the shoulder. So I had to take off my shirt and show what range of motion I have, then he took my arm and put it through the motion it should have, (OUCH!). Verdict? Inflammation in the xyz (don't ask me the proper name) tendon that runs from the collar bone over the shoulder bone. Out came the needle and syringe and a phial of cortisone, to be injected at several places directly into the tendon, starting from the collar bone and moving up over the shoulder bone. Don't ask me how you locate a tendon, that can't be very easy among the muscle on ones shoulder and upper chest. Not too painful but unpleasant as the needle goes into the tendon, a sort of crunchy feeling, almost audible. 

Afterwards as he was writing up my file the big C word came up. What was my family history in the respect, etc. I guess that if a doctor is worth his salt he has to asked hard, unpleasant questions. 

So there you have my list of woes and what's kept me from blogging all these weeks.

Just to cheer us up, three crowned cranes.

Click to enlarge.

The photo above take three evenings ago. The next one one day later, note the difference in light quality.

Mom dad and junior. Junior on the left, mom middle front and dad at the back. 


Jo said...

Wow, Phil, that second photo is AMAZING. I'm sorry you've been so ill. Ironically I have Grant with the same arm-pain you describe. I've just given him a cocktail of muscle-relaxants and pain killers so hopefully we get some sleep! He says he's off to the doctor for a shot here! I hope the vitamin gives you a boost. Love and hugs Jo xxx

Gorges Smythe said...

I'll pray for you, Phillip, I hope you get to feeling better.

Joyful said...

I hope you get better soon Phillip. Have your doctor check for iron or B12 deficiency too. I find that as one ages, they are missing a lot of vitamins. Most doctors here don't even check for that and one has to spend money on a naturopathic doctor for that kind of testing and treatment. Whatever it is, I hope you doctor finds it soon and is able to help you. Sounds like he is very thorough. Much more thorough than doctors here would do in one or two visits that's for sure.