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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Winter with a vengeance 2.

Well the weather Sangoma's  (Witch Doctors) weren't kidding when they predicted severe weather. Sometimes when they throw the bones to predict the weather they get it right.

Today's maximum temperature on the sattelite photo below.

The photo below shows the minimum temperatures for today. Estcourt lies right in the dark blue patch, just to the east of Lesotho.

Satelite photo below shows the cold front where it was at 15:00 today, slowly moving east over the Indian Ocean. The weather should be clearing from tomorrow, but another cold front is expected on Friday. Too much of a good thing maybe?

The N3 highway was closed at Van Reenens Pass, where the highway goes over the Drakensberg, heading north to Johannesburg and other major centres. This is the highway that passes behind my cottage, strange to see it so quiet. Fifty percent of South Africa's exports and imports are transported along this route.

The following photos I took this afternoon after school between 14h00 and 15h00.

Rode out of town on route R103, east, southeast, on the road to Mooi River to the top of Griffins Hill as distance of about 9km and took the following photos. Griffins Hill is about 150 metres higher than Estcourt.

It was freezing cold up here with a strong wind blowing.

If you enlarge the photo above you might just make out a farmers pickup truck driving through the snow, the truck is a silvery grey colour, which makes it hard to spot. Looking for missing livestock maybe?

Parked on the opposite side of the road, was an Indian father and his two sons, from Estcourt. The sons had convinced their father to take the to see the snow. Snow is a novelty to us, often falls on the high ground but not so near to town. Half the town was out looking at the snow. 

Taken in town looking towards the Drakensberg. Enlarge the photo by clicking on it and the mountains can be seen just under the clouds.

The mountain centre right of the picture, with snow cap, is NtabamHlophe, isZulu for White mountain. Took this photo just before I turned of right onto the farm where I live. This mountain is about 16km from my cottage. The Drakensberg can be seen behind it.

Tombi lying with her head on my foot, while I write this post. Whenever I'm working at the laptop or tying flies this is where she lies, just has to make contact with me.

Made a big pot of bean soup last night, will warm it up for supper tonight. Should keep me warm in more ways than one. 

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e.m.b. said...

Ah, you make me anxious to make a big batch of soup and hunker down for the summertime here. "don't push the seasons, Erin...don't push the seasons." Isn't it lovely to have a furry friend to be by your side...through long winters, and short summers. Very much enjoyed this one, Phillip!

Jo said...

Eish! All we hear about here is the snow and icy weather in South Africa. I love Tombi that has to touch you. Sweet. Love Jo

Joyful said...

It does look a little cold. I'm sure the bean soup was a nice dinner for the season. Here where I live we don't tend to get a lot of snow. Though the rest of the country does. Last year however we got a lot of snow and it was very cold for a long time. The weather is changing everywhere. Stay warm!

Kay L. Davies said...

Our dog Lindy likes to lie on someone's foot, too, usually my husband's.
Sorry you're having non-African weather. I don't enjoy snow, either. It's fun for children, but not much fun for adults driving cars.
I know everything is relative, but if it makes you feel any better, I have trouble breathing the air here when it gets down to -30 Celsius.
Cuddle up with Tombi, have lots of that good soup, and winter will be over before you know it.

John said...

After a week and a half of temperatures in the high 30's I'd welcome some of that white stuff. Cold is easier to deal with for me.