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Monday, 25 July 2011

Winter with a vegeance

Up to now our winter has been reasonably mild, chilly on some days with one or two days very cold. Today it's different with a huge cold front sweeping in over the sub continent from the southern oceans.

Above a map showing the maximum temperatures in South Africa to day, Most of the country was 15 degrees Celsius or less. Large part of central South Africa had a maximum of 10 degrees Celsius or less.

The map above gives the minimum temperatures. Most of the country was below 7.5 degrees Celsius, with a large part below 2.5 to 0 or minus degrees Celsius.

Satellite photo showing the cold front moving across the country at 15h00 this afternoon.

Heavy snowfalls are expected over high lying areas and farmers have been warned to bring their livestock in to shelter. This cold front is expected to last until Wednesday. 

So much for sunny South Africa.


Desiree said...

And it's all missing us! We've had gale force winds for two days, but no rain! We are so far behind with our July average. We're hoping it will rain a LOT in August, else we're going to be in for a tough summer! Stay warm, Phillip. Batten down those hatches, get out the warm blankets, light your fire and snuggle up to your furbabies for extra warmth!

Jo said...

Brrr, that IS cold. I've forgotten what winters are like in South Africa. Keep warm and as Desiree says, snuggle up to your babies. Love and blessings. Jo.

Pumice said...

Just wait a few months and you too can call your climate change global warming again. Or is it global cooling this year?

Grace and Peace