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Monday, 4 July 2011


Winter is back with a vengeance!!

Yesterday Tombi and Cat still had sun to share on the window sill, though there was a freezing wind outside.

Today it's gray skies, not a scrap of sun.

Last week I was thinking, "If this is winter I'm all for it," Well today I've changed my mind. I'm so bundled up I don't know which end is up. Temperature in the cottage is 12 degrees Celsius, about 50F. Outside at the moment it's 7 degrees Celsius, 17:40pm. Going to get much colder tonight.

My means of warming up is to work out on my exercise machine and jog on my mini trampoline, both have a permanent place in the lounge. So by the end of this winter I should be fit.

Here in South Africa our houses are not built with cold weather in mind. Fortunately these cold spells don't last too long.


Desiree said...

What an excellent way to generate some heat! It's jolly cold down our way too, but we keep a fire going all day. Not nearly as healthy or environmentally friendly as your method of staying warm! I should take a leaf from your book.

Give Tombi and Cat a pat and a stroke from me :)

Jo said...

Brrr, Phil. I haven't experienced a South African winter since 2008. I'll have thinned blood by the time we get home permanently one day! I love Tombi and Cat. So very clever to soak up the few sunrays. You idea of keeping warm is very clever, as Desiree says. Did you see that our little sister was at Wimbledon on Sunday. (See my blog post today) Wrap up warm. Love and blessings, Jo