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Thursday, 21 July 2011


Spent some time this evening tying some flies for a fly fishing trip I hope to take Saturday.
Size 12.

Something I saw on some one's blog. My impression of an "ausable bomber."

With two "wiggle tail" flies I tied. The photo's aren't very good took them with my Black Berry camera.


Jo said...

Ah, glad to see you're OK, Phil. We tried to go fishing last Sunday (the men did, I trundled behind them with my basket of birding paraphanalia) but we couldn't find the river. Will try from anothe direction this Sunday. I think the locals walk about 6 kms to reach the river! We drove and walked for about 1500m and turned back! Love and blessings Jo

The Ninety Percenter said...

Beautiful Flies Phillip! Even with a camera phone they still look great. Let us know how they fish for you.

John said...

Nice tying Philip. They should work well on the local trout or bass.

Kay L. Davies said...

Let us know how they work for you, Phillip.

—Kay, Alberta, Canada