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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Some mountains for Gorges.

Gorges of Gorges' grouse, groused yesterday that the area was too flat for his liking. Well I thought I'd show him how mountainous it really is. Photography can be very selective and does not always show reality, yesterdays photos left out the mountains. The farm actually lies just to the right of center, towards the back of my header photo.

The first birds I came across were these two spur wing geese. They are not the prettiest of birds but very imposing, standing about a meter tall. In the middle distance a Swainson's spurfowl is scurrying away.

A cropped picture zooming in on the Drakensberg, Champagne Castle area, about 60 km away.

Sunset over the mountains looking west, north-west. The hill in the foreground is about 3 km away. I think I'm going to get some stunning sunset photos from this point, couldn't hang around today as I was 3 km from home with a rain storm approaching. Just made it home, and it's still raining now at 8 pm. 

The northern end of the farm with the Little Bushman's river running through the valley. I mentioned this stream in yesterdays post. This is a big farm and by the time we got home my dogs were exhausted and we only covered a small part of it.