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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Some inside views of my new home.

Some Inside views of my new home.

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The spare room was the first room that started to look presentable, just to the left out of the picture is a huge set of built in cupboards, that reach to the ceiling. In the previous cottage the spare room was so small that this bed and the wardrobe on the right just fitted in with very little space to spare. 

The Italian leprechaun and I celebrated the move to the new cottage with one of our "braai's", (BBQ). We had one last week to say goodbye to the old cottage. In the platter a kilogramme of "boerewors", (farmers sausage) a spicy beef sausage. One of our supermarket groups holds an annual "boerewors" competition, with huge prizes, to see who can make the best "boerewors". Everyone hauls out great great grannies "boerewors" recipe to see if they can win something or to become the latest "boerewors" champion of the nation. Under the "boerewors" is a kilo of rump steak in a garlic sauce. Some bread rolls and a mushroom, tomato and onion "bredie", (stew) complete the meal.

Cat, the cat, watching procedings from the welsh dresser, Cat the cat just loves the new place and is as happy as pig in Palestine. Cat has a very imperious stare.


Christy said...

Your cat looks very happy in your new home.

I have never heard the expression a Pig In Palestine, but totally get it.


Jo said...

Hi Phil, your house looks so organized already and a lot larger than the cottage. Cat, the cat certainly has a direct stare! Glad he is happy in the new home. Love Jo xxx

fishermanrichard. said...

Where is that new Fly tying room then?

Joyful said...

Looks like you are settling in very nicely.

Kay L. Davies said...

I was also wondering about the fly tying, Phillip.
It looks like you'll be very happy there, and so will Cat. I hope the dogs are settling in well.

Phillip said...

Fly tying table is in a corner of the spare room. Visitors will just have to live with it.