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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Meet Cattoo, (Cat2)

Well his real name is Smokey. Smokey and three siblings were found abandoned on a farm road by Hazel, a grade 5 teacher at our school, on her way to work this morning. The four of them were sitting huddled together in the middle of the road. Hazel stopped picked them up and brought them to school. Three of them were adopted almost immediately, with one still to find a home.

One wonders what type of person would do this to small helpless creatures. The Estcourt SPCA premises are only about 6 km away from where they were found, it would have been so very easy to leave them there. 

Now you can see why he is called Smokey, (the most beautiful blue-gray colour), and not Cattoo. Smokey made his first acquaintance with the vet this afternoon, for de-worming and first inoculations.

Smokey must be about 5 weeks old and fits nicely into the palm of my hand. Introduced him to the other animals, Cat had a good sniff, then yawned as if to say, "if you've seen one you've seen them all'" then he walked away. Lady, Tombi, and Sissy all gave him a good sniffing and going over. Bruno wasn't to sure about this funny little thing and is still holding back judgement till he has made up his mind.


Kay L. Davies said...

What a beautiful baby. I'm sure Bruno will be on-side sooner rather than later with loving Smokey Cattoo.

Jo said...

Ah Phil, what type of person does a heartless thing like leaving these little tykes on the side of the road. I bet their mother won't be spayed after this either. Anyway, at least little Smokey, who is BEAUTIFUL, has a good home with you. Will someone take the last kitten? I hope so... Jo

e.m.b. said...

What a beauty! And those blue eyes! Lovely.

Christy said...

Sometimes I don't understand people either, then others make up for it.

What a dear little smokey kitten. I'm sure he'll fit right in.


Joyful said...

What a pretty cat. Love the blue eyes.

kare said...

Cattoo is adorable..looks like a Russian blue that once owned me. He was a throw away too and was a very loving boy. All our kiddles have been discarded by others, only to be joyfully adopted into our family.

Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

He looks just like my Smudge when he was a baby. We called him Smudge because when he was a baby he was just a little gray smudge.