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Saturday, 6 September 2014


September 1st was officially the first day of spring in the southern hemisphere, but today 5 days later really feels like the first day of spring. It's warm, the birds and insects are out in force, and even though we have had no rain for 5 months there are flowers popping up all over.

Click to enlarge.

These delicate little purple flowers are all over, what they're called I don't know. Behind is a fallow field waiting for the first rain.

Only millimeters across.

This one is so small you could put two or three on you're thumb nail and still have space to spare.

The same flowers as above from a different angle. Only nature can get away with mixing purple, yellow and blue.

Tiny flowers with tinier insect guest.

All these photos were taken with my camera lens as close as possible to the flowers.


Jo said...

OMW Phil! Welcome back! Please tell us you're back to stay. I'm almost sure those flowers are Dietes Grandiflora, Moroaea genus (wild iris) Lovely images. Love and blessings Jo xx

Gorges Smythe said...

Long time, no see. Lovely photos.