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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Grandfather & grandson.

My landlord, Owen and wife Sue are looking after their grandson Ben, the son of their daughter who lives in Durban. 

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I love my granddad. 

Owen Moore and his grandson Ben on granddad's modern steed. The first words that Ben learn't to say are ganda-ganda, Zulu for tractor. 

A real son of the soil, and a humble man with a deep Christian faith. Owen is supposedly retired and his son is farming now, but Owen is up at sunrise and still going at sunset.

Owens great-grandfather was Sir Frederick Robert Moor, 1853 - 1927, the last Prime Minister on the Natal colony, from 1906 - 1910. In 1910 Natal colony, Cape colony and the two ex Boer republics of the Orange Freestate and the Traansvaal, (Zuid Afrikaanse Republiek), amalgamated to form the then Union of South Africa, which became the Republic of South Africa in 1961.

Sir Frederick Owen Moor was a member of the Natal legislature from 1886 - 1910, Prime minister from 1906 - 1910. A minister in the first Union cabinet under General Louis Botha and the senator in the Union senate from 1910 until his death in 1927, he was also a member of King Edward VII's privy council.

Strange how people who really have "it" never flaunt it, I had to search for the above information on the internet. Owen's son Dave seems to have inherited his great-great grandfathers drive, apart from owning two farms he manages several businesses at the same time, not interested in politics though.

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Gorges Smythe said...

Some folks with wealth are all about it, others recognize it for the simple blessing it is.