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Friday, 25 October 2013


The photographer photographed. While taking photos of wildflowers yesterday the Italian leprechaun photographed me. Never ask me to "pose" for a photo, I sort of freeze, my smile looks like the rictus on a corpse and my whole body language subtly changes.

Click to enlarge.

Photo by E Bucceri. Caught in the act intent on getting the photo.

The result, this cosmos flower has flowered 6 months to early.


Jo said...

Good on Booch for photographing the photographer! I love your assistant with only her curly tail sticking out behind you. Love and blessings Jo xxx

Kay L. Davies said...

An early flower is a gift from God. As is a friend who will photograph you without the corpse-rictus!
However, I agree with Jo, the little white tail is too cute for words.