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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Heart of Africa (part 2) Muthi Killings.

There is no morality in traditional African religion/ancestor worship. No Ten Commandments, no right or wrong. What the ancestors, (demons?) tell you to do that is what is right at that moment for you, if someone else has to suffer so that you can gain, well, so be it.

Part of this religion is "Muthi", (medicine/witchcraft). Muthi can be made out of many things, plants, animals, and human body parts. Hundreds of people are murdered every year so that their body parts can be used to make "muthi".

Young children are often victims. Body parts from young innocent victims are considered to make a more potent "muthi". At the moment in a private Johannesburg hospital there is a very young black girl, (three years old I think) who had most of her face hacked of for  "muthi". Parts off a living person are considered far more effective, than off a dead one. Plastic surgeons are busy trying to rebuild her face.

If your child goes missing here you need to be very, very scared.

Several years ago the hands of white people were considered to be very powerful "muthi", own a white mans hand, preserved in a jar, or kept in a deep freeze, and you would prosper like a white man. People paid thousands to acquire hands. The source of these hands were usually funeral parlours. Most whites in South Africa don't go in for the "viewing of the body," thing, so it went unnoticed. This fad has seemingly come to an end, obviously didn't work.

Video on muthi killings below, click on the link. Not for the faint hearted.


Gorges Smythe said...

Satan has many faces.

Joyful said...

It's a terrible, terrible thing. What I don't understand and probably never will, is how these practises continue through the ages when they obviously haven't been so successful for the vast majority who practise them. Then again, I might be assuming too much. Demons also have power (that Satan and his demons have been accorded for a temporary time). Perhaps those that seek something through these practises feel they have received whatever they are looking for.

Crystal Mary said...

That is horrific! It made me feel sick and very sad. I hurt for that little girl who had some of her face cut crazy and evil. I have many south African friends living near me and attending our church here in Australia. I have never met any I didn't like. May the Lord guard over you all and protect, bringing the depraved to know him, as a loving God.

Pumice said...

Just found time to read your first post on this and this one. Powerful. We need to be reminded about the darkness of the world. I look forward to the rest of this.

Grace and peace.