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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Cosmos and crab spiders.

Summer is on the downhill slope here in the Southern Hemisphere, and autumn is fast approaching. One of the signs of autumn here is the cosmos flowers which start to bloom. Yesterday afternoon late, I went out to photograph some of them. I noticed that many of the blooms have a resident crab spider, Thomisus spectabilis. These spiders ambush bees and other insects which come to collect nectar.

Click to enlarge.

The spider on this flower had just dipped the carcass of a bee over the edge of the flower. All evidence of murder most foul disposed of.

Here the spider has taken on the colour of the pollen in the center of the flower. On some of the white flowers the spiders were such an exact match that they were virtually invisible.

Close up of the spider above, enlarge the photo to see the detail.

A general photo of some of the flowers.

Perfect beauty.

Standing tall.

Silouhete of grass stems against  the sunset.

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