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Monday, 18 February 2013

Evening walk.

Sunday evening I was able to take my dogs for a walk along one of the dryer tracks on the farm, only one or two small puddles so they could not get too dirty. Although rain was predicted it held off till much later when we had a very light shower. This afternoon it was a different matter and between 4pm and 4:30 the rain came bucketing down. 

This is mainly a crop farm with only a few head of beef cattle. 

Cosmos, the first sign of autumn.

The mountains on the horizon are 50 or 60 kilometres away, this part is known as the Northern Berg, (Drakensberg)

West, north-west.

Looking North, north-west. The centre-pivot irrigation that stretches across all three these photos, is more than 300 meters long. The whole system can be moved to a different pivot point so other fields can be irrigated. There are two other smaller centre-pivots on the farm.  The maize in the foreground is intended for silage and will be sold to a neighbouring dairy farm.

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Gorges Smythe said...

All the pictures were good, but I always like photos of cows. I guess I must miss them.