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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Reekielyn re-visited.

Quote: "Trout are never caught in ugly places."

Last Sunday I set off for a spot of trout fishing at one of my favourite fishing spots, the Mooi River on the farm Reekielyn. I knew the water levels would be high due to all the rain we have had, but I was unprepared for just how high. All the normal pools and runs were unfishable, though I did try. 

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The Mooi River flowing in from the west, on the left you can see where the Reekielyn stream joins the main stream. A large weighted streamer could have worked here if one was fishing with at least a 5 weight rod.

The Reekielyn stream, this stream was also flowing very strongly.

A Cape cormorant, I hope he had better luck than I had.

The four hours I spent there weren't wasted though as I was able to take a lot of photos. There were acres of these wild flowers, (wild gladiolus ?).

Dew bespangled trap door spiders web.

The Reekielyn falls flowing strongly.

The falls from stream level.

An oxbow lake on the southern bank of the river.

Wild flower, (grass orchid?) on the bank of the oxbow lake. I need to get a book on Natal wild flowers.


Gorges Smythe said...

Lovely place, even if the fish weren't biting.

Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

nice way to spend the day. Like the waterfall shots.