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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Spring rain.

At the moment we are having our first Spring rains. This year the rains have arrived about a month earlier than usual, normally we can expect the first rain in October, but no one is complaining as it's been a dry winter. The rain started during the early hours of yesterday morning and for 36 hours it has not let up. According to the weather man we should see some sun on Saturday with more rain next week.

My foot is coming on nicely and I hardly have any pain, I just have to be careful how I walk, or it lets me know that all is not quite right yet.

I have had to reactivate word verification, as I have been getting a lot of spam. Don't know why these people bother as it goes straight to the spam box. The only real irritant is that I get it in my email, and I'm really not interested in escort agencies in Paris or any where else for that matter, or to buy some obscure medication without prescription from India.

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