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Saturday, 8 September 2012

First bass of Spring.

This past week we had 48 hours of almost non-stop rain, all in all more than 100mm, that's 4 inches. Walked down to the furthest pond on the farm with the dogs, they were ecstatic as with all the rain they hadn't been out for several days. The surface of the water was covered with rings of bass rising and taking emerge rs, there was also a fall of flying ants, (termites). Bass can be as picky as any trout when there's a hatch on, and today I only took a small foam popper with me. 

Usually you know when a bass takes your lure or fly, they are great smash and grab artist, but there are times when there takes are very subtle. So it was this afternoon, I was watching my popper lying on the mirror smooth water and giving it the tiniest of twitches  every now and again. Without me noticing it as bass sucked the popper under the surface and it was a long moment before I realised what had happened and tightened the line, fish on. It wasn't the worlds biggest fish, but it was the first bass of spring.

Click to enlarge.

Posed for a quick photo and international fame, next to my trusty 6 weight rod, and released again.

A bit later I walked up to the pond just below the cottage but here there was not a fish to be seen, although there were dozens of fluttering termites on the surface. The two ponds are only about a kilometer apart yet you will often catch fish in the one and nothing in the other.

The lonely swallow I posted a photo of about a week ago, has been joined by it's mate.

An interesting sunset to end the day with.

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Gorges Smythe said...

Fish can certainly be fickle.

What's up; you never used to have word verification? Makes me wonder if Blogger is messing with us again and I need to check my own settings.