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Monday, 20 June 2011

My cat called Cat

Cat is an abandoned cat who used to live in the culvert under the highway behind my cottage. Took me a long time to win his trust and to move in with us. The dogs were no help as they liked to chase him when ever he got close. But with perseverance I got Cat to honour us by becoming part of the family. Been here for about 4 years now.

Cat sitting in the north face lounge window. He spends most of the day here during the winter. This window gets sun from sunrise to sunset during the winter months.

Cat and Tombi sharing the window sill for a Sunday afternoon snooze. Tombi's way of getting off the window sill is to fall off. Cat gets of with more finesse.

When I got Cat I could think of no suitable name, so Cat it was and still is. Cat seems to like it.


e.m.b. said...

Looks like Cat found a great home...and I love that shot of Cat and Tombi on the winddow ledge.

Desiree said...

Such a pretty cat! So glad you won his trust and that the dogs learnt to love and accept him...the picture of Tombi and Cat on the windowsill is priceless and I so enjoyed your description of how they get themselves off the sill :)
I do hope you are feeling a bit better after your great sadness of last week?

Jo said...

Ah, I remember Cat now, Phillip. He's got a lot fatter than when I first met him. And cats always know the best place to sleep. I love Tombi on the sill with him too. Love and blessings, Jo

Kay L. Davies said...

Seems to be unanimous, Phillip. That shot of Cat and Tombi on the window ledge is priceless. I seriously suggest you get a print made and frame it. I took the liberty of enlarging it on my computer screen and it looks good at about 8 inches by 10.
It's obvious you and Jo are siblings, taking your time to tame a cat who didn't, in the beginning, want taming, and didn't want to live with dogs!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Crystal Mary said...

What happy contented pets..just a they should be. I have many south African friends here in Australia, two are doctors. We get together weekly to study the Word of God and pray, they are lovely and I am sure you are the same.
I tried to be one of your followers?? It wouldn't let me this time.. I hope it will next.
God Bless you and your home with peace, health and love. Crystal Mary