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Friday, 24 June 2011

The greatest shoal on Earth.2.

Found some pictures on the Internet re. the sardine run.

The little fish that causes all the excitement.

A shoal of sardines photographed from underneath.

Map showing the location of the Sardine run. After the shoals pass Durban, they turn seaward and disappear. Some people say that they make a circular journey returning to where they came from.

If you look at the map where the Drakensberg turns north west, a little to the north and east of that on the highway shown, is where you would find Estcourt.
Sharks feeding of sardines. The sharks herd the fish into a huge bait ball, chasing them around and around in circles, disorientating them, making sudden dashes into the fish to grab a mouth full. If you wish, there are tour companies that will organise dives for you right into the action.


Joyful said...

Simply amazing, isn't it?!

Desiree said...

Nature is amazing!