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Monday, 6 October 2014

Flowers of the African veld.

Most of the flowers shown are so small as to be hardly noticeable, but when knows where to look treasures are revealed. One can spend hours photographing them, you find one then you see another and another.

Almost every flower has it's insect life and if the flowers are small the insects are minute.

All these photos were taken down on my knees with the camera lens millimeters from the flowers with the camera set on macro mode. Late afternoon or early morning is the best time for this kind of photography.

Click to enlarge.

Delicate perfection.

The grass stems around this flower gives you an idea of just how small it is.

Lacy yellow. This flower has an insect visitor a tiny beetle, look bottom left.

This delicate flower is tiny, yet on the bottom left there is an insect that is tinier still.

I cropped the rest of the photo above so that it is easy to see the insect.

When it comes to small this one wins first prize, on the left is a bud about to open, and there will be an even tinier insect to pollinate it.

A delicate bouquet in mauve.

Last rays of the setting sun shining through the petals of this flower, enlarge this photo and look closely, you will see a speck of an insect.

Delicate grass seeds back-lit by the setting sun.

Focused. My friend and fellow teacher, a k a the Italian Leprechaun, trying for similar shot as the one above. 


Jo said...

I loved seeing Booch, Phil. Does he have same camera as yours? The blooms are beautiful. What are they? I need to go back to your blog and enlarge to check out the goggos. Pop over to my blog and see what the Canis Africanis are up to... Love Jo

Mark Kautz-Shoreman said...

It's always nice to see flowers in other parts of the world. Makes you realize just how diverse this planet is.