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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Addo elephant rescue.

Addo National Elephant Park is situated in the Eastern Cape province near the city of Port Elizabeth. Here in South Africa when we talk of Port Elizabeth we just say PE.

I got this story and the photos by email from a friend.

In the photos below you will see adult elephants trying to rescue a baby elephant which had fallen into a water hole and could not get out.

You can see the baby just under the head of the young elephant in the water.

Addo park rangers brought a backhoe to try and make a slope in the vertical banks of the water hole so that the baby could climb out. The adult elephants became very agitated at the sight of this big machine and would not let them near the baby.

The rangers managed to drive off the adults so that they could help the baby.

Two rangers jumped off their pickup truck and ran to help the baby. Mother elephants are very protective of their babies, so what they were doing was extremely dangerous.

Baby elephants are very heavy but they managed between the two of them to lift the baby onto the bank.

Other rangers came running to help.

The rangers ran off to get back on the pickup and out of moms way, but baby had other ideas and ran after them.

Mom could not see her baby because of trees and bush in the way so the ranger put baby on the truck and drove to an opening where she could see her baby and put it on the ground.

Baby still wanted to go with it's new found friends so mom had to chase after it.

Relieved mom and her baby together at last. The little elephant had been trapped in the waterhole for 3 hours. This rescue took place on the 27th of August 2014.

Never approach a wild elephant, never ever get between elephants and their young! If you should see any wild animal in trouble contact the park rangers as this photographer did. 

As they say in the classics, "don't try this at home".

The history of Addo Elephant Park and it's elephants is a very interesting one, I will do a post on it soon.


Jo said...

Eish, I held my breath all the way then burst out laughing when I saw the baby elephant run after the rangers! What an amazing rescue. Hope you're still enjoying rainy weather? Love Jo xxx

Gorges Smythe said...

Young animals make quick associations. My dad once had a cow whose teats were so large that a newborn calf couldn't manage them without help for a few days. The calves would often bawl after Dad, not the cow, because they could only eat when HE was around!

Glennis said...

A lovely rescue of a sweet baby. I do like elephants, but I like to ride them.

Corney Coetzee said...

Just wanted to put in a quick correction.

This story took place in April 2013.

This blogsite also does not have permission from the photograper to post these photos. The photos was originally posted on the wildcard site and can be found here: