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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Last winter days (?)

Tomorrow 1st of September is officially the first day of spring, winter hasn't let up yet and large parts of the Western, Southern and Eastern Cape have been having heavy rain, snow, sleet and gale force winds. Very cold weather was predicted for our region, but it hasn't arrived yet, although there's a chilly wind blowing out of the north.

Took the dogs out for their afternoon walk and I marvelled at the huge blue dome of the sky above me, and the vast distances I could see through the clear air, a big change from the dusty haze of the past few weeks.

Click to enlarge.

Winter afternoon.

Looking north, north east across the farm, if you enlarge the photo you will see mountains way in the distance, which are about 60 - 70 kilometres away.


Jo said...

That's a brilliant photo, Phil. I did enlarge it and I did see the mountains in the blue distance. I'm not looking forward to the cold weather in SA after our mild winter here in Tz - lowest temps all winter: 24 degrees! Love and blessings, Jo

fishermanrichard. said...

Stunning picture,, Hope your settled now.