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Thursday, 2 August 2012

New Photo Editing Program.

On one of the photography websites I follow I came across a new photo editing program,  "Smart Photo Editing". Cost $29.95 (US) about R250 in South African Rand, after using the trial version I just couldn't resist it. 

(Shouldn't have though, as this is a month of extra expenses for me as I have just bought a "new" car, or what is euphemistically known as pre-owned. The "new" car is a whole 14 fourteen years younger than my existing 30 year old car. So there are a whole lot of extra expenses this month. The car has to be put through C.0.R, (Certificate of Road worthiness), any defects have to be fixed before it can be registered in my name, licensed and new licence plates bought, etc.)

I have a real "thing" against new cars, spent two weeks going from car show room to show room, dealer to dealer, and came away more convinced than ever that new cars and their prices are a rip off. Almost every salesman seemed to think he could impress me with the "fantastic" sound systems in the cars, and proceeded to blast my ears. I prefer silence and my own thoughts while driving, to the drivel you hear on the radio stations now days. (my "new" car has a radio that doesn't work!)

The best part though is the fantastic financing deals I was offered 10%, 11% and even 14% interest on repayments were considered "fantastic"!! They weren't very interested in a cash deal, some car dealers here are registered financial institutions as well, so they make most of their money out of financing your purchase.  So I went and bought my "new" car cash at a tenth of their "fantastic" prices.

Started using the new program straight away and one can create some amazing effects. Below is a photo I took in April this year.

Click to enlarge.

Original photo.

Above the same photo after editing. This photo needs to be enlarged to really see the detail it brings out. 


Joyful said...

Lovely photos!

I too think new cars are a "rip off". Congrats on getting a good deal on a new to you, car. May it give you many wonderful trips ahead.

Mark Kautz/Shoreman said...

10% to 14% on a car loan? Ouch.