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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Reekie stream.

Spent five hours fishing the Mooi river on the farm Reekielyn yesterday. Got beaten about 1000 to 0 by the fish, so what's new.  My first cast was a bead head caddis, size 14. with a strike indicator. Cast in and then watched my indicator disappear with the nymph under the water. My first thought was that the caddis was too heavy for the size indicator I was using, only to see it pop up again moments later. A trout had obviously taken the caddis on the drop, and I was unaware of it. This was the first time that I'd ever used a strike indicator.

The parking spot for club members cars is next to the Reekie stream, a tributary of the Mooi river.

The source of the stream is somewhere on the slopes of the mountain seen in the distance. After I'd spent five very (hot) hours fishing the Mooi river down in the gorge I decided to investigate this little stream before heading home.

There are only about 300 meters of this stream that our club members may fish, but it looks full of promise. I can really understand why some fly fishers get all lyrical about fishing small streams.

The confluence of the Reekie stream and the Mooi river, (Reekie stream coming in from the left).  The Mooi river makes a big, almost 90 degree, bend to the right at this spot. The Reekie stream joins the main river right on the corner of the bend. This could probably be the best fishing spot on the water available to the club. Cool water flowing in from the tributary, deep channel scoured by the current, right close to the near bank, and there seems to be a counter current against the bank. Every one thinks they have to go into the gorge for good fishing, hardly anyone stops to fish here.

While walking up the Reekie stream I spotted this small lily, there was a whole bunch of them on a patch about 12 inches by 12 inches. Only one was blooming.

Beauty in the mud, this little flower was only about one inch across at it's widest.


e.m.b. said...

Small streams sing....beautiful post...and those flowers are lovely signs of spring.

Shoreman said...

Yup, fishing with an indicator is just like fishing with a bobber. That sucker goes down, time to set the hook. Might or might not be a fish, but you have to take the chance.
Interesting flower. Looks a lot bigger in the picture.


Desiree said...

You are so blessed to live so close to such magnificent scenery. A feast for the soul!

John said...

Good post Philip.
I will never get used to using indicators.