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Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Today we had a vicious hailstorm which hit Estcourt and surrounding areas at 12:20 this afternoon.  About an hour after the hailstorm we had a torrential down pour, which included more hail.

My last post about the change of seasons I posted the photo below.

Before the hail storm.

After the hailstorm, above.



My new vegetable garden before the storm.

After the storm.

Trunk of the bougainvilla outside my front door, note the hail damage to the bark.

All that's left of a bucket left outside.

Hail still lying next to the cottage two hours after the storm.


e.m.b. said...

Spring storms always bring the violence of change...I hope the plants and trees are able to revive...

Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, Phillip, your lovely vegetable garden! Heartbreaking!
There are hail storms around here, but we haven't suffered any injuries from them. We know people whose cars have been badly damaged, and houses as well, and repairmen can't be hired for love nor money, many months later, because they're still busy.
But oh, your garden. So sad. I know you had hopes of it feeding you and your housekeeper's family.
You and your animals are okay, I guess?

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Jo said...

Phew that's terrible Phil. Your poor garden and the lovely spring onion plant. At least the animals weren't hurt. Blessings Jo

Desiree said...

Goodness Gracious, Phillip! What a lot of damage to your garden. I'd just read a day or so ago that hail is a blessing in disguise because it feeds nitrogen into the soil! Not much use of that, is there, if it destroys your plants as well! We occasionally get hail down our way, but never very large stones and I've never seen any physical damage in the garden, afterwards. I'm so sad your veggie garden has been annihilated! And the before and after pictures of that mulberry tree are astounding! The smashed planter, equally incredible.

Phillip said...

The hail storm was very unusual for this time of year, December is usually our hail season.
Going to give the vegetable garden a week see if anything recovers, if not will plant again. Hail does enrich the soil with nitrogen.
My dogs were indoors with Maria so they were OK. The trees and other plants will recover very quickly.

Joyful said...

Oh wow! You've really had a storm all right. I don't know if your garden will recover but I know you can replant (and you have said as much). Thank goodness everyone was ok.