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Friday, 30 September 2011


Quote: It is a very good quality in a man to own a trout stream". 

George Elliot, (1871) Middlemarch)

Almost every day I get emails telling me that I've suddenly become a very rich man. 

One of the more inventive one's:

"You have been bequeathed £11,000,000 by the late, John Paul Getty Jr. in a codicil to his will." 

The email is about an A4 page long. Actually says he left me £11, 300,007, Great British Pounds (GBP's). (Great British Pounds?) The £7 (GBP's) really impressed me.

The email goes on to say that I should not be surprised by this, as Mr Getty obviously met met on his travels around the world. (As if I would not remember).  

Well I don't suppose that this should surprise me too much, as the late Mr Getty and I moved in the same very rich, (super rich circles), my millions of cents obviously impressed him enough.

£11,300,007, (Great British Pounds) would make me a very rich man in Africa! Just imagine the fly fishing rods, etc.  

I could buy my own trout stream, (in South Africa, several hundred kilometres of trout stream for £11,300,007 GBP's)

Ah, if only.


Kay L. Davies said...

People in North America used to get spam e-mails saying we had inherited a lot of money from someone in Africa.
Spammers obviously have no imagination, although the GBP is a nice touch. LOL

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Gorges Smythe said...

I long ago decided to leave unclaimed my email fortunes, for fear they might cause me to rely on money, rather than my natural brilliance and might also cause me to be less than the perfect model of humility that I currently am. ;-)

Phillip said...

Hi Kay, the GBP's really tickled my funny bone.

Phillip said...

Yes Gorges, one should be proud of your humility.