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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Injasuthi Nature Reserve.

Had our first real rains of summer today, about one month later than normal. Weather service says it should clear by tomorrow, so I can go fishing on Saturday. Last Sunday the Injasuthi stream was so low I wondered how the fish kept their backs covered. Thought I might take a trip to Reekielyn and fish the Mooi River for brown trout on Saturday, or may back to Injasuthi for Rainbows.

Here are a few photos of the camp at Injasuthi which I did not include in my last post.

Two of the eighteen chalets available at Injasuthi camp.

The grounds a very neat and clean. Big signs at the entrance, no noise, no music. Nothing spoils a wilderness experience than having to listen to someone Else's idea of music, blasting from their boom box.

Picture taken from the entrance to the camp. Day visitors park under the trees on the right, camp site for tents and campers just around the bend to the right.

Looking down the Injasuthi valley to the east. The Berg is behind me from where I took this photo.


Jo said...

Ah Phil, how I long for the Berg now... We've camped there many, many times, stayed in a chalet once and even stayed in a luxury tent once! Good ole Injasuti. Love and blessings, Jo

Joyful said...