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Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I have been fascinated by the sky over our region lately. Every moment of every day shows a different sky, no two days are the same.

At this time of the year we should have clear blue sky without any cloud. Yet here we are getting well into winter and rain predicted for tomorrow. This morning the gently sculpted shape and delicate colours caught my eye. Delicate, almost pastel, shades of pink and blue and soft grey's. Not to mention the variety of textures. I don't think my camera quite got what I saw.

This afternoon while working at the computer I happened to glance out of the window and saw the sunset over the highway.

The sunset is totally different from the mornings sunrise. Nothing boring about God's creation.

All day long God sends us these visions of beauty and we don't notice. Even the fact that my compost heap is under the tree, even the trucks on the highway can't spoil the glory of His sunset. God goes to a great deal of trouble to ensure that we don't live in a boring creation.

The second sunset photo was taken a few minutes later. We take these things for granted that God created this beauty, gave us miraculous  eyes with which to see them, and a mind and imagination with which to appreciate them. How is it that people can still doubt His existence? Yet many believe it all came about by chance. 

Scientists will tell you that it's due to the refraction of light through the clouds, etc. And scientifically they are right, but what about spiritually and emotionally. Why does it touch us spiritually and emotionally, why can't we just look at it from a scientific viewpoint and remain untouched? Even an atheist is emotionally moved by this beauty.

Steven Hawkings author of a "Brief history of time", will have us believe that we are basically just a computer, nothing more than robots. Yet all this beauty is stored in my computers memory, shows up on the screen, but it reacts not at all. Why? If we are just computers why do we react spiritually and emotionally? Because we are spiritual beings, not robots, made in the spiritual image of God.

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Kay L. Davies said...

As brilliant as Steven Hawkings is, he isn't right all the time, is he?
It's almost impossible to see a sunrise or a sunset without an emotional reaction, although life may interfere to make the reaction weaker some days than others.
No, I'm not a computer. Just ask me to remember something, and it will be obvious. LOL
Thanks, Phillip. (And wasn't it nice to hear from Jo again? I'm looking forward to finding out what Ginger thinks of Shadow's arrival.)
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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