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Sunday, 27 March 2011


Here in the southern hemisphere summer is coming to a slow end. Saw the first cosmos' flowering today in the veldt on the way to throw some flies at fish. As soon as my data cable for the camera comes I will post photos of these lovely flowers. These flowers start flowering at the beginning of autumn, then you know winters on its way. When I look at photos on blogs in the northern hemisphere I realize we don't know what winter is really like.

In the summer I fish for bass and I don't even have to travel far to fish, 15 minutes walk max. This summer my fishing record has been abysmal, only one decent size fish and not many small ones. But there is still a few weeks of bass fishing left so maybe, just maybe.

Soon it will be trout fishing time and hopefully I will have better luck.

Some one once asked me, "How do you feel when a fish takes your hook?"

I said, "My heart kind of does a summersault".

But he wasn't interested in the emotion of it, only the mechanics of it.

Any way my heart still does a summersault when ever a fish takes my fly 6" trout or 6 foot shark the feeling still stays the same.                                          


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you, Phillip! The ol' ticker gets a shot of something special each time a fish takes my offering. That is part of the fun of fishing. Look forward to more of your fishing posts.

Gaelyn said...

If fishing wasn't fun I don't know why you'd do it. Good luck with the rest of bass season.

Gorges Smythe said...

The poor guy! Life must be miserable for him!

Shoreman said...

Some one once asked me, "How do you feel when a fish takes your hook?"
Then you get the one that takes your fly, snaps the line against the rod, and then snaps the line. That's the one where you need electric jolt to your heart. Oooh, what a feeling.